Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer brings a commercial quality inside your home. This product goes with sure high quality so the user can use it for decades. It also provides excellent cleaning results. Examples of the features of Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer include mechanical balancing system, fabric softener distributor, bleach dispenser, fill hoses, etc. The approximate dimensions of this washer are 43 inches in height, 25 5/8 inches in width and 28 inches in depth.
Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer
Product Features

  • Mechanical balancing system
  • Fill hoses
  • Bleach dispenser
  • 2 speeds
  • Fabric softener distributor
  • Porcelain steel external draintub
  • Hush Pak
  • Back self-leveling legs
  • Additional rinse switch
  • Fabric selector control
  • Capacity start ½ HP motor
  • Changeable water height selector
  • 210 degree agitation stroke
  • Spin pace: 473 / 710 RPM
  • 3.3 cubic feet Stainless steel rinse tub


Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer is a 3.3 cubic feet topload clothes washer that was manufactured with sure excellent quality. It is packed with great features such as commercial-grade cabinet, stainless steel inner tub as well as a heavy duty engine. It also comes with auto balancing scheme, 2 speeds, fabric selector knob and variable water height selector.

Customers who bought Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer shared their experiences is using this product. They told that it can wash the clothes thoroughly to make them very clean. The spin cycle also do not leave the clothes wrinkled. The settings can be adjusted effortlessly and this washer is also made with complete intuitive style. They also added that this product is a well-built machine which would last and serve the owner for decades. In fact, anyone can purchase and get Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer with a very reasonable cost as compared to those other brands available in the market.


Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer produced a sound which you can hear in the other room. In addition, it does not have an extra large capacity so washing more loads at the same time is impossible if you use this washer. It is not very efficient when it comes to reducing the consumption for energy and water.

Customer Reviews and Score

There were 4 customer reviews made for Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer that are currently posted on Amazon. This machine obtained an average score of 5.0 out of 5 stars. All customers who bought this washer made their own reviews which were all favorable on the product’s side. Therefore, they rated the washer with a score of 5 stars after sharing their great experiences in using this product from time to time.


Speed Queen AWN542S Top-Load Washer comes with amazing features such as mechanical balancing system, dispenser for the fabric softener which are all specifically designed to wash the clothes and make them cleaned thoroughly. The user will obtain several benefits in using this washer. One good thing to know about this machine is that anyone can buy this with a very reasonable price.

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