Having a good quality of appliances inside your house greatly adds to you and your family’s convenience. It is very essential that you inspect the features and description of a product before purchasing it. The product Speed Queen Top Load Washer ensures that your clothes or other clothing materials are carefully washed. This is a practical choice for an appliance and for sure, as you determine more of its advantages you will find this product amazing.
Speed Queen Top Load Washer
Product Description

The product Speed Queen Top Load Washer is made with high quality materials like the stainless steel stub commercial grade cabinet with heavy duty motor that keeps it a leading product in the industry. It has another standard feature which is the 210-degree wash stroke for great productivity of the washer.

Product Features

The Speed Queen Top Load Washer is made of the following essential features:

  • Stainless steel wash tub
  • It also has a top load washer with 3.3 cu.
  • It has a maximum speed of 710 rpm which is higher than previous top load washers.
  • Uses a balancing system in the washer
  • It is available at different independent appliance dealers


The product provides many benefits to its users such as:

This top load washer works quietly; with a quick cycle using heavy duty hot water cycle for only 30 minutes.

It has a large capacity that can wash easily fabrics such as four queen size sheets, pajamas, eight pillowcases and other assorted clothes.

The clothes can be soaked as long as you like according to the prescription of Speedqueen for the water does not automatically go out as most machines do.

It really washes the clothes cleanly and once you obtain dirt or grass, it washes right of the machine like other new machines.

This product has no recommended oxywash for it destroys the machine over time.


After knowing all of the product’s pros, you still have to know also some of its cons which are indicated by some customers. One of the cons is:

You have to add some water softener by hand if you want to use the extra rinse cycle.

Customer Reviews and Score

Speed Queen Top Load washer earned the rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in 10 customers wherein 7 of them gave 5 stars and there are 3 customers who gave 4 stars. For these customers, this washer is very essential and the rating they gave is deserved by this product.


The Speed Queen Top Load is definitely perfect for private places especially in condominiums. If you want a washer that works in a quiet manner, then it is the best choice for you. The capacity of Top Load Washer is far beyond other brands. The most important function of this washer is the ability to wash the clothes very clean in just few minutes. The manufacturers understand the need of their customers nowadays which is time.  Time is the most essential part of a person so through introducing this product, the customers can wash as many clothes they want but saving more time as well.

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