People are searching for the best brand of washing machine that they can use in washing their things. These people have requirements in a particular product that they search in brands of this type of machine. The Speed Queen AWN412S Top-Load Washer is now one of the best-selling brands of washing machine all around the world. This is because a lot of feature requirements that people search in washing machine, the particular brand have. The features about utility-saving and even the user-friendly feature are some of the features that people require and possible in this specific brand.
Speed Queen AWN412S Top-Load Washer
Product Features

  • The price of this product is from $779.99.
  • This is tax-free product and has a free delivery feature.
  • The maximum standard cycle of this washing machine is up to 12 cycles.
  • It weighs 195 pounds.
  • The dimensions of this product are 28 inches in depth, 26 inches in width and 43 inches in height.


A lot of customers of Speed Queen AWN412S Top-Load Washer are very satisfied about the advantages of the product. Some of the advantages that people can get in using this washing machine are the:

  • Price – compared to some other brands of this type of machine, the price of the particular brand is cheaper. But, the makers of this product are sure that even they are not pricy, the performance and the quality of the product are similar to some other expensive products.
  • Standard cycle – some other products have few numbers of cycle. But, the particular brand of washing machine has the cycle capacity up to 12 cycles.
  • Free delivery – the customers are not required to pick up the item because of the feature of free delivery. Some other products don’t have this feature.


Although this particular product has a lot of advantages, there are also some complaints that are made by the customers. All of the possible problems that people might suffer from have corresponding solutions.

  • The weight of the product is the common complaint of the customers of this product. They might have difficulties on carrying the specific brand of washing machine because this is heavyweight washing machine.

Customers Reviews and Scores

The Speed Queen AWN412S Top-Load Washer has a lot of customers in the world. Most of the customers of this brand of washing machine are from some online shops like Amazon. In this specific online shop, the customers also made reviews and they even scored the product by stars. The scores that are given by the customers along with their reviews are positive ones. This means that the product can lead the users to satisfaction and not disappointment. The reviews of the customers are about the features of the product. They even recommend this product to all of the people in the world seeking for the right brand of this type of machine.


Speed Queen AWN412S Top-Load Washer is available in the market all around the world. This is noe one of the best brand of this type of machine because a lot of customers buy this one instead of buying some other brands.

Brand Sell Rating Price Buy
Speed Queen 4.6 $822.49 Buy It

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